Interested in joining us?

The group of companies Cystar Insurance Brokers Ltd & A.Y. Hybrid Construction is looking to recruit a female for the position of front desk secretary.
The minimum requirements for the above position are:

  • Good knowledge of Greek,English and Russian language
  • Previous related experience will be considered an advantage

Please forward your CV including photo, via email to careers@hybridconstructioncy.com, or via Career page on the website.

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Agreed Projects

As soon as a project is agreed A.Y. Hybrid Construction Ltd will monitor and upload all information required regarding the specific project until delivery.

Our services extend beyond delivery by providing to the client the required Operation & Maintenance Manual of the project and always being available to answer any enquires and most important resolve any problems which may arise.

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Construction Material

A.Y. Hybrid Construction Ltd is committed to use in all the projects materials with high quality specifications from the Local Market and also from worldwide professional brands in order not only to deliver a high quality project but something that can maintain its quality through time.

The company always search and get information regarding new materials especially environmentally friendly to improve the quality of its projects and therefore to improve the standard of living of its clients.

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Selection of The Right People

A.Y. Hybrid Construction Ltd cooperates with many professional in the Building Industry such as Architects, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Environmental Engineers, Health & Safety Engineers and other professionals in order to make sure that the result of the team work will always exceed the clients expectations.

The selection of the Design and Construction team is always dependent on the professionalism and many years of experience in the industry for all of our projects whether is a small scale project or a much bigger one.

Our teams are always committed to projects from the very beginning being flexible to give life to our clients dreams.

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